Dream: Crop specialists for each agro-ecoregion.

Dream: Establish an initiative to develop and disseminate science- and experience-based knowledge to address the needs of specialty crop producers focused on: improving nutrition, addressing specialty crop requirements, learning new crops,seasonal markets and price competition.

Dream: Plant and harvest crops with a high cash value that are nutritionally superior, drought-tolerant, pathogenresistant, adapted to agro-ecoregions and their microclimates, integrated into a value-added food system and that substitute for an import.

Dream: Specialty crops are given equal status with commodity crops.

Dream: Finance infrastructure costs to scale up edible crop industries.

Dream: A farmer-to-farmer program both instate and between states.

Dream: Find local buyers for major food crops for foodshed markets and food manufacture.

Dream: Organic and/or low-input farmers produce 50% of local, in-season vegetables, fruits, nuts, and wheat.

Dream: Greenhouse and hoop-house food production extends seasons for foodshed crops with incentives to grow in or near urban areas and use geothermal resources.

Dream: Organic greenhouse vegetable production becomes a niche market for out-of-season produce, price premiums and a sustainable.