Further Study

General Resources

New Mexico

  • Farm To Table.
  • La Montanita Coop
  • New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission. (Joan Quinn, 505.841.9067, or email: joan.quinn@state.nm.us)
  • New Mexico’s Food-shed Story of Innovation: Harvesting our Experiences, by Bruce T. Milne and Susan Keith.
  • Expanding Markets for Southwest Small-Scale, Alternative, and Minority Producers. What Really Counts, by Deborah Madison. 2004. Southwest Marketing Network
  • Vender/Grower and Crop/Product Survey for Santa Fe and Albuquerque Growers’ Markets 1996 and 1998. Technical Report 33. George W. Dickerson.
  • Agricultural Experiment Station • Cooperative Extension Service. College of Agriculture and Home Economics. NMSU
  • SANTA CRUZ FARM: DIRECT AND NICHE MARKETING IN NORTHERN NEW MEXICO. Don Bustos Farmer, Santa Cruz Farm; Program Coordinator, New Mexico American Friends Service Committee. Agricultural Outlook Forum 2005. Presented Friday, February 25, 2005
  • Velarde Apple Project

Value Chains and Local Agrifood Economies


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