Dream: New Mexico begins a comprehensive effort to save farms and ranches that includes provisions for matching funds from the federal government.

Dream: Government agencies look for bargain sales and foreclosures. They have a fund ready to purchase high-quality farm/ranchlands for preservation. They use some of these lands as start-up “incubator” enterprises for new farmers and ranchers.

Dream: Each city mayor and county maps and conserves high priority farmland. State lands consider local food chains when leasing.

Dream: A statewide program to preserve all irrigated farmland especially lands on the best soils with both groundwater and surface water irrigation potential. A statewide program to maintain and improve all high quality rangelands for cattle, sheep and goats.

Dream: Private foundations and public entities in each agro-ecoregion create a fund to purchase conservation easements for agricultural goals in local foodsheds. Foundations, the State, credit unions and local banks use bridge funds to cover transaction costs to facilitate the purchase of conservation easements.

Dream: New Mexico greatly expands its Landlink projects. New Mexico restarts its organic farmer apprentice program at NMSU and other locations. New Mexico lobbies for more funds in the CRP and a larger share to New Mexico.