Dream: New Mexico purchases 75% of its food and food products from outside the State by 2020. 25% of the purchases will be from the local foodshed.

Dream: All food and food products have a bar code that can be scanned from an iPhone or equivalent that provides information on production methods, labor, environment and locations within the value chain.

Dream: By 2020, New Mexico builds a parallel trade system with “sister” foodsheds that share the same ethical values. It builds an import/export trade system that supports the same ethical values; in which monetary gain is modified by the mutual ethical concerns of the sister foodsheds.

Dream: New Mexico works to become a Fair Trade State by promoting its own rural economic development and an integrated, ethically based value chain as well as by parallel purchases from less privileged nations.

Dream: NMDA and OIT review the local crops most threatened by world trade and design “Green Box” policies (see pamphlet on WTO) to protect. 

Dream: New Mexico preferentially procures food at a 10-15% price premium, offering long-term contracts, price security and pre-payments to all its own low-resource farmers. By 2020, New Mexico negotiates parallel terms through fair trade associations that represent farmers (and fishers) in similar positions in other states and nations, particularly Mexico for 5% of New Mexico imports.

Dream: New Mexico’s Office of International Trade helps support ethical trade and develops guidelines for its own ethical trade practices.