Call to Action

What you can do to make the renewable energy dream a reality.

  1. Learn how new power plants may affect New Mexico from reaching its climate change goals
  2. Talk to NM Renewable Energy Transmission Authority about transmission lines that carry renewables, not coal-fired electricity.
  3. Support credits for rooftop and local solar energy parks that allow consumers and businesses to become generators of electricity.
  4. Understand how Santa Fe-based Architecture 2030 standards for new and old buildings can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Organize your neighborhood to become a local power grid that can feed renewables electricity to each other and the bulk-providers’ power grid. Build smart substations and re-conductored distribution wires.
  6. Help your community fund green job training and degrees for renewables at the junior, community and college levels.
  7. Volunteer to help low income homes with energy efficiency costs, especially for weatherization of their homes.
  8. Learn more about how uranium mining will pollute or deplete New Mexico’s groundwater.
  9. Learn about implementing rate structures that support consumers for conserving electricity.
  10. Learn about buyback programs for older polluting vehicles in exchange for energy efficient, low carbon-fuel vehicles.
  11. Learn about public financial incentives to subdivisions that reduce energy use and are walkable and bikeable.

“People Call Us Warriors”

“Regardless of the hardships and suffering and pain that many of us endure, it’s worth it because we love our land, we love our people.”

Hear activist Norman Patrick Brown describe the issues facing his community and how he plans to continue fighting to create a better life for his people.