Further Study

General Resources

  • Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty by Mark Winne 2008. Beacon Press.
  • Food Politics by Marion Nestle. 2002. University of California Press.
  • America’s Food: What you don’t know about what you eat. Harvey Blatt. 2008. 384 pp. MIT
  • USDA. Economic Research Survey. SEE NEW MEXICO: County Level Poverty Rates of NM. Food Sector. Food and Nutrition Assistance. Diet, Health and Safety.
  • Community Food Security Assessment Toolkit. USDA.NM income, poverty, food stamps, etc.

State Concerns

  • Farm-to-School State Summary.
  • HJM 34 (2001). This bill encourages the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Education to collaborate on increasing the use of New Mexico agricultural products in public school meals. One of the goals in New Mexico is to expand marketing and selling opportunities for the state’s farmers and ranchers. http://legis.state.nm.us/lcs/BillFinder.asp (SM 54, 2008)

Food Safety

Food and Health and Hunger

Emergency Food

  • How Do We End Domestic Hunger? A Vision of Justice in the Snare of Charity. Dr. J. Larry Brown. Harvard School of Public Health. Maine Nutrition Council. Maine Dietetic Association
  • New Mexico Association of Food Banks. New Mexico Association of Food Banks. A seven member collaborative statewide organization that coordinates statewide food bank activities. The Association receives food donations. Programs include food distribution, fundraising, education and advocacy.
  • Roadrunner Food Bank. Roadrunner Food bank of New Mexico. The leader in the fight against hunger in New Mexico. Roadrunner Food Bank is New Mexico’s largest hunger relief organization. We operate a general food banking program, the nation’s largest fresh produce program, supplemental nutrition programs for children and seniors, government commodity program, food repackaging program, Native American Assistance, Food For Kids childhood hunger services. Each dollar donated helps us to provide up to 14 dollars worth of food products to the nonprofit agencies and clients we support.

Other Groups

  • New Mexico Voices for Children
 – A progressive, non-partisan organization that advocates to improve the health and well-being of children, families and communities in New Mexico. Our work to eliminate child poverty is focused by four core values: economic justice, healthy communities, citizen participation and human rights.
  • New Mexico Human Needs Coordinating Council
 – The statewide organization composed of over 1200 advocacy organizations, churches, clinics, pueblos, government agencies, service providers and individuals working together for 20 years to improve the quality of life for New Mexicans.
  • NM Human Services Department.
  • NM Farmers’ Market Nutrition Enhancement Program.
  • Closing New Mexico’s Food Gap Initiative.

Health – General

  • ABQ Area Indian Health Service
  • Association of Medical Students – UNM
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico
  • Disability Coalition
  • Health Care for All Campaign
  • Health Care for the Homeless
  • Lovelace Clinic Foundation
  • Lovelace Health Plan
  • Molina Healthcare of New Mexico
  • New Mexico Academy of Family Physicians
  • New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative.
  • New Mexico Chapter, American College of Physicians
  • New Mexico Hispanic Medical Association
  • New Mexico Hospital Association
  • New Mexico Human Services Department, Medical Assistance Division
  • New Mexico Medical Review Association
  • New Mexico Medical Society,
  • New Mexico Primary Care Association
  • New Mexico Veterans Administration Health Care System
  • Presbyterian Health Care Services
  • Presbyterian Insurance Company
  • Stroke Advisory Committee
  • United Healthcare—New Mexico
  • University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

Health – Healthy Living

  • ABQ Alliance for Active Living City of Albuquerque
  • ABQ Prescription Trails
  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation
  • American Diabetes Association, New Mexico and El Paso Area
  • American Heart Association
  • Association of School Nurses
  • Bernalillo County Health council
  • Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico
  • BikeABQ
  • Envision New Mexico
  • Grant County Health Council
  • Health Action New Mexico
  • Healthy Kids! Healthy Las Cruces
  • Inter-Agency Working Group on Obesity
  • Kids Cook
  • National Dance Institute
  • New Heart
  • New Mexico Action for Healthy Kids
  • New Mexico Association of School-Based Health Centers
  • New Mexico Chronic Disease Prevention Council
  • New Mexico Department of Health
  • New Mexico Diabetes Advisory Council
  • New Mexico Dietetic Association
  • New Mexico Health Care Takes On Diabetes
  • New Mexico Healthier Weight Council
  • New Mexico Public Health Association
  • NMSU Nutrition Education
  • No Child Left Inside
  • Nutrition Education Association
  • Paso del Norte Health Foundation
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • SCOPE Health Council
  • Silver City Walkability and Accessibility Group (WAAG)
  • Sembrando Salud
  • South East Heights Health Coalition
  • Southern Area Health Education Center (SoAHEC)
  • UNM CHILE Project
  • Zia New Mexico Association of Diabetes Educators
  • UNM Nutrition Club. The UNM Nutrition Club is a chartered student organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Nutrition / Dietetics students to become familiar with their future profession through the university educational setting, as well as the professional community setting. Membership is open to all students who have completed one nutrition course and have an interest in nutrition.
  • UNM PIRG a non-profit, non-partisan consumer and environmental advocacy group. NMPIRG is part of a nationwide network of PIRGs, which bring student activism to 35 states and more than 70 campuses nationwide. NMPIRG works on issues of consumer advocacy, citizen participation, and environmental and social awareness.