Renewable Energy Sources

New Mexico needs renewables to reduce to a minimum the emission of greenhouse gases and fossil-fuel generated toxics such as mercury, sulfur dioxide  and nitrous oxides. New Mexican renewables can help wean us from fossil fuel imports and from the wars they provoke. Once the transition picks up steam, the Age of Renewables should lower costs and utility rates, create a revenue stream from export and green-collar jobs and businesses.

Where is our potential?

The land guides us to locate power generators customized to the best energy sources within each energy region of the state.

  • Western New Mexico boasts some of the best solar potential on the planet.
  • Eastern New Mexico sports some of the best wind.
  • The Rio Grande valley is rich in geothermal energy.
  • The mountains offer some forested biomass, while the south has pecan trimmings.
  • The Pecos River area has dairies for biogas.
  • Albuquerque provides roofs and wastewater biosolids.
  • The whole state is conducive to micropowers.

Renewables can replace coal and radically reduce greenhouse gas and toxic emissions.

We dream to:

Honor the energy regions of the state and custom-design power generation to the best energy sources.